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What personal details should I check on my Credit Report?
What personal details should I check on my Credit Report?
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When you receive your Credit Report, you should go through all the details ensuring everything is correct, as any information that is incorrect could be influencing your Credit Score.

Ensure that your name, including any middle names and previous names are correct across all of your financial account.

You should check that your current address and any previous address details under the ‘Profile’ section of your credit report are correct. You should also ensure that the addresses that have been shared by your lenders are correct on your financial accounts. Make sure that not only the details of where you lived, but the dates that you lived there are accurate and consistent.

Finally, you need to check your financial records to make sure that there are no negative markers such as missed payments and that if these are displayed, that they are displayed correctly. It is important to note that your report can take around six weeks to be updated, so don’t be concerned if your last payments are not listed on your current Credit Report. If you do notice anything incorrect on your report, you will need to create a dispute with TransUnion. You can raise a dispute by selecting the ‘raise a dispute’ link on your Credit Report under the relevant section.

This will flag the issue with TransUnion, the credit reference agency we partner with to generate your credit report. They will follow this up directly with the lender for you, in an attempt to amend your information. Please note it may take up to 28 days to hear back from TransUnion as this is the time they are required to provide lenders with, in order to investigate the issue.

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