What is open banking?
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Open banking is a new way to help you understand your finances, and see if there are better ways you could manage your money.

Using open banking, you can connect your bank account to another financial account, so data can be shared. For example, if you have a NatWest current account, you can connect it to your TotallyMoney account and we can use the data to offer you more services and features.

Using open banking to connect your account on TotallyMoney means you can unlock more loan offers, and you could even be pre-approved for some. You'll also get access to our newest feature which helps you stay on top of your bills and monthly finances.

It’s important to know that all your data is secure and TotallyMoney can’t see individual transactions in your bank account, nor will we know your bank details.

Here is some further information about open banking, including a useful video to explain it a bit more: https://www.openbanking.org.uk/what-is-open-banking/

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