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How do you make money?
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TotallyMoney is completely free to use, whether you decide to take out a product listed on our site or not. We receive commission directly from the providers that offer their products on TotallyMoney.

Whilst providers will factor in the cost of showing their products on sites such as TotallyMoney into the prices offered, TotallyMoney does not directly add a fee or premium onto the amount you pay.

We get paid in different ways, depending on the type of product or service you buy through us:

Credit Products

When you choose to take out a credit card or loan through TotallyMoney, we receive a fee and/or commission from the lender, or from other credit brokers. Whilst the amount of commission we receive may vary by lender, TotallyMoney is completely impartial, meaning the results we show are ranked on what we think are best for you and not based on the commission we receive.

The commission we receive may vary depending on the product that you choose to take out.


TotallyMoney has partnered with London & Country Mortgages (L&C) to allow customers to search and compare mortgage products. When you take out a mortgage via TotallyMoney, your lender will pay commission directly to L&C, who will in term pay part of that commission to TotallyMoney. Neither TotallyMoney nor L&C charge a fee for our services. But, the lender you choose may charge a fee if you continue your mortgage application through L&C.

Car Insurance

For our car insurance comparison service, TotallyMoney partners with Seopa Ltd (trading as Quotezone) to allow customer to compare car insurance policies. TotallyMoney receives commission from Seopa when a customer takes out an insurance product with one of the insurers listed on Seopa’s panel of insurers. Seopa Ltd in turn receive commission directly from the insurer. The commission we receive does not impact how we rank your insurance results.

Money Wellness

TotallyMoney has partnered with Money Wellness to offer our customers free financial advice. When you start the journey on their website, we receive commission from Money Wellness. The commission we receive does not impact the advice or debt solutions you receive and is fully impartial.

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