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What happens if I don’t keep to the terms of my CCJ?
What happens if I don’t keep to the terms of my CCJ?
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Where possible, try your best to keep on top of your CCJ payments. If you don’t, the penalties can become much worse, as bailiffs may get involved. Your possessions and even your property could be seized to help pay off the debts.

You may need to ask the court for “An Attachment of Earnings”, which means money will be taken out of your wages to pay back what you owe.

You can request that a “Charging Order” is put on your property, which changes your unsecured debt into secured debt. This means that if you sell your property, the creditors will take back what you owe them.

If you can’t keep on top of your payments, you might have to declare bankruptcy.

If you’re worried about any debts and how they affect you, you may want to get in touch with the charity StepChange, who can support you with how to deal with a CCJ.

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