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How can I improve my chances of being accepted for credit?
How can I improve my chances of being accepted for credit?
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Before applying for credit, it is worth checking your credit report to ensure that all the information reported is accurate. You can also use your TotallyMoney account to check your eligibility for several products and ensure you have the best chance possible of being accepted before making an application.

Improving your credit score will often help to improve your chances as this is an indication of how you are viewed by the lenders. Lenders will often use their own score when assessing your application for credit, based off the information you can see in your credit report.

If you are not on the electoral register, registering can be a quick way to improve your Credit Score. Most lenders prefer to see a stable address history for their customers as this suggests you will be easier to get in contact with and lower risk as a result. If you are on the electoral roll, this suggests that you are invested in staying at your current address and can therefore increase your credit score.

If you already have a credit card or loan, making regular payments and ensuring that you do not miss any payments and default on the account will also improve your credit score.

You may find it useful to check out the Improve section of our app, which has personalised plans for your credit report and for your affordability (if connected to open banking).

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