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Why not just apply to the card company directly?
Why not just apply to the card company directly?
Updated over a week ago

We often display exclusive products and offers on our site due to the partnerships that we have developed with lenders and mortgage intermediaries. In some instances, these offers are not available elsewhere, therefore by applying directly you may not receive the same deal.

The other benefit of using our service is that we are able to provide customers with an indication of how likely they are to be accepted.

Each time you apply for a credit product, a hard search is carried out on your credit report. Whilst this does not indicate to lenders whether you were accepted or declined, if there are multiple searches when a lender reviews your application, they may be less likely to provide you with credit. Multiple searches within a short space of time suggest to lenders that you might be desperate for credit. It is therefore suggested you wait around 6 months between each application.

By signing up for your free credit report and viewing your Borrowing Power, we can provide you with an indication of which products you are more likely to be accepted for; helping to reduce this risk of being declined.

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