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What will you do with my data?
Updated over a week ago

Your data protection is our highest priority.

How we use your data depends on the service that you sign up for, and we explain everything in detail in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

  • If you want to do a one-time check on your eligibility, we will use your data to soft search your credit file and we will email your results to you. We work with credit reference agencies and lenders to give you the best overview of your eligibility for credit products, and may share your data with these and other data processors that we work with. We do not have visibility of the data itself and we are only able to see your eligibility as a set of numerical digits.

  • If you sign up to get your free credit report score and Borrowing Power from TotallyMoney, then we will use credit reference agencies and lender data to retrieve your credit report, score and Borrowing Power every month. Signing up for your free credit report and score will not impact your credit file. This data is held and controlled by TransUnion and we therefore do not have any access or visibility of your credit report.

We take security very seriously and therefore connections to our website are secured with certificates by Digicert. These Enhanced Validation certificates confirm our identity similar to a passport.

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